Monday, March 31, 2003

Monday is here... This weekend was a pretty quiet one at home. On Friday I had to do a server reboot at Canada Post. Normally it is a 2 hour job, but seeing it was a new person running it from Ottawa it ended up taking 11 hours to complete. I told this person 4 times the correct procedure but she would not listen to me. Finally after talking to her 3rd level support, she followed the correct procedure. She says to me at the end, I quess if I would have listened to you we could have left 5 hours ago. I ended up getting home at 7 AM on Saturday morning.

I ended up sleeping until 1 PM on Saturday. Angela woke me up to a steaming pot of chili. My oh my was it tasty! We ended up going over to the other side of the brook to visit with Galen for a few hours. We got home around 10 PM and watched some TV.

Sunday, we slept in. I went outside about 20 minutes after I got up to work on the driveway and the road. It is spring time on the Grub Road and the ruts are getting bad. I built up low spots on the driveway with left over crushed rock from the septic system install and dug trenches through the ruts to divert the water off of the road. Angela finished up the quilt she is doing for Gail and Bob MacLeod who live in England now. After that, we watched The Master of Disguise, Sweet Home Alabama, and The Tuxedo. Went to bed shortly after that to get up early today.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Well, talk about being a slacker. I have a good excuse for not updating this in so long. I had to rebuild my PC over the last 3 days in between doing project work and other things at home.

Let see where to start. Friday, I was off from work. Angela and I left for Baxter State Park in Maine for our annual winter camping trip with Mike and Lynne. We crossed the border in about 10 mins time. We thought with the war it would take even longer. We killed a few hours in Lincoln, Maine and arrived in Millinocket around 5:30PM EST. We called Mike and Lynne around 6:30PM to tell them we found this little bar, The Blue Ox Saloon, that we were at. They met us there shortly after 7:30 PM. We sat there had some drinks and continued on to Abol Bridge for the night. We car camped in a parking lot by the bridge.

We woke up early on Saturday and got ready to hike/snowshoe. We left the parking area just after 9AM. We snowshoed 3.5 miles south on the Appalachian Trail to the Hurd Brook Lean-to. It took us 4 hours to get there. Once there, we got the sleeping and cooking areas set up. We drank until 5 PM. I think we were all asleep by 8PM.

On Sunday, we woke up and got ready to hike out by 10 AM. It only took us 2 hours to hike out. We left the parking area around 1 PM and was sitting in a diner in Millinocket by 2 PM. We ate a big lunch and proceeded our different ways. We got home around 7 PM AST and cleaned our gear up. I had a nice hot relaxing bath and was in bed by 9PM.

Monday got to work to find my PC DOA. The hard drive had crashed. Luckily I had backed most of my information up to the other hard drive so I did not lose to much info.

Tuesday, I was in Florenceville and Woodstock for a project with Human Resources Canada (HRDC).

Today, I was in Perth Andover over 2 hours way for the HRDC project.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Another Tuesday is here.... Last week busy, busy, busy!

Friday night I DJ'd a dance at the Maugerville Community Center for 3-5 grade kids. Angela was a chaperone for the dance too. We got home around 10:30 PM that night.

Saturday, I had to work at Canada Post. I started at 9AM and was supposed to be done by 1PM. 8 hours after that I left. I was done at 8:30PM. I went to the grocery store and then got dinner for Angela and myself and headed home. We ate dinner and then went over to Galen and Dixie's camp until midnight.

Sunday, the day of rest. NOT! We moved 13 wheelbarrow loads of firewood into the house, I cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes, and made 2 batches of mash. I finally got to sit on the couch at 6PM. Ang and I watched Serving Sara and went to bed shortly after that.

DID YOU KNOW: Angela has a new job babysitting for some friends of ours. It keeps her busy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Well, it is now Tuesday. I thought I would give Angela the chance to make some updates for a change. The weekend was good, it felt long.

On Friday, we went up to the snowmobile lodge and hung out with some friends until 2 AM.

Saturday, did stuff around the house most of the day. Galen, our neighbor from across the brook, came over and asked if we were going snowmobiling. WE said sure! By 5PM we were off. It was warm, +3° C, and sunny. We went approximately 80 miles in a big loop around the Fredericton area. We got back to the snowmobile lodge around 7:30 PM where we proceeded to have dinner. We ended up hanging out there until 1 AM this time.

Sunday, more chores around the house. We watched the Bourne Identity and Lilo & Stitch. We also watched Survivor from Thursday night.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Well it is Thursday. Not to much to report. Last night we got another 7" of snow. I am starting to HATE winter! This weekend will be spent at home bringing more firewood in the house.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Monday.... back to work day. Slacking a bit on the updates. Let see, last Thursday night Angela did another Pampered Chef party.

Friday night, Angela had her monthly meeting for Pampered Chef until 9PM. I walked the mall and dreamed about all the things that I wanted to buy! I picked Angela back up around 9:30PM. After we left there, we headed over to Canada Post where I had to work from 10PM - Midnight. We finally got home around 1 AM on Saturday.

Saturday was good. Sunny and warmer day! I cleaned up some snow around the driveway area, brought in some firewood. We left the house around 5 PM and went up the road to Paul and Brenda's for supper at the Lodge. We left there just before 6PM and drove to Noonan, 10 mins away. We were invited to Nicole and Richards for a Fantasia Party (Pampered Chef type party for intimate items). We left there around 11PM and went back to Paul and Brenda's. We shot pool and had some drinks with people from across the lake. We ended up getting home around 2 AM.

Sunday, was the day of rest. We slept in until 12PM. I got going around 1 PM to head out and get spring water. After that we watched some movies and just chilled on the couch.