Friday, March 31, 2006

This past weekend, Mike, Lynne, and myself went on our annual winter camping trip. We hiked into Leeman Brook Shelter on the AT from Monson. It was 6 miles round trip in some different conditions. Parts of the trail had 3 feet of snow, parts had ice, parts were muddy, and parts were clear. This trip made 3 weekends in a row of hiking, this Sunday will find me on another day trip in Acadia.

Other news... Emily is back in Maine next week.... Wooo Hooo! I am really looking forward to that. Work is busy and we have our reservations for our Baxter State Park trip in June. More to follow.


Most of the month of March, I have been doing a lot of hiking. This is from a day hike in Acadia National Park, looking towards the Beehive from the Great Head Trail.

Friday, March 03, 2006

So, after work on Tuesday, I headed down to Manchester, NH. I left the Bangor Store at 5PM and was to the hotel by the airport at 8:30PM. I grabbed some dinner, talked with Emily for a bit, and then went to bed.

Up at 5Am on Wednesday morning wasn't a big deal. I got to the airport and checked right through. When flying to Baltimore, we flew just south of Reading... close enough to see Limerick, and the city. From BWI, I flew into Indianapolis.

Emily picked me up at the airport at 11:10AM. From there we toured around downtown. Saw Monument Circle and had some coffee at the Abbey Coffee Shop. From there we headed to Emily's parent's house. It was a very nice house. We hung out there for a while, Emily opened her gifts, and then we went to run some errands. Emily was impressed by my navigational skills. She made me drive home from the mall and I went a different direction. I found my way without any help. We went to dinner at Ambrosia, an authentic Italian Resturant. Excellent Food! After dinner we took a short little walk around the area and then headed home.

Thursday found us up around 10AM. We went back over towards the mall for breakfast. I had an awesome omlette with ham, swiss, onions, and mustard. The cinnamon toast was fantastic too. We ended up going back to Emily's after breakfast and played Battleship and hung out. We headed out around 4:30PM for dinner.... Mexican and it was yummy. From there, Em took me back to the airport. I flew out Indianapolis at 7:25AM. My flight from Chicago was 20 minutes late landing in Manchester.

I started my drive home at 1 AM this morning. Stopped in Yarmouth, ME around 2:30AM and slept for 2 hours. From there, I drove to work and worked the full day. Other than that... I picked up my new glasses on the way home from work today.

All in all... It was an AWESOME trip! It was even cheaper than my trip to PA the other week.