Monday, September 12, 2005

Ahhh, the mighty Saco River in Southern Maine. This is one of our floatilla groups this year. There was a total of 10 canoes and 19 people. I was the odd ball out this year because I was by myself.

It actually was fun being by myself. I carried everybody elses extra stuff and garbage (the only downside). I was able to scoot around both floatilla's very easily.

We left for the might Saco around 12PM on Friday and arrived down in Fryeburg at 5 PM. The weather was nice all weekend long. We got off of the Saco on Sunday afternoon around 5 PM and started our drive home around 6PM. We stopped for dinner in Augusta, before continuing home.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Long Blog Warning!

Well, almost 2 weeks have gone by now. Since my last post excitement has been abound. Labor Day weekend, Mike and I were supposed to go on our annual 35 - 40 mile hike on the Appalachain Trail in Maine. We set out Thurs, Sept 1, for our destination of Monson, Me. About a 1/2 mile before the trail head and 3 hours from Bar Harbor we hit a pot hole. It sounded pretty severe, but we had no idea how severe as of yet.

As we pulled into the parking area, I notice this puff of smoke coming from under the hood. I told Mike to pop the hood so we could get a look. We see oil on the plastic skid plate and then Mike looks under the car and oil is just pouring out of it. Oh Sh*t!!! I pretty much new at this point and time that our hiking trip was going to be cancelled. Mike calls VW roadside assistance and they said they are sending the tow truck out.

While Mike was playing phone tag with VW, he turned his head after he hung the phone and jammed his eyeball into the Thule roof rack on the car. I immediately looked at it and it was just bloodshot. So, I decided to hike Southbound on the AT for a bit to say at least I got to hike a little. I returned 20 minutes later and Mike says, "I see this laser light show in my right eye." I said let me look at it again... WOW! Oh SH*T times 2. His pupil was fully dialated and his left eye was normal. I'm like we need to go to the hospital to get that look at!

The tow truck driver finally arrived 35 minutes later. We loaded the car and took off for Bangor. Mike, Lynne, Molly Mae, and I had to ride in the tow truck driver's wife's car. It is now 10:30PM. We arrive in Bangor at 11:30PM first stop the VW dealership. The service guy tells us he will look at it tomorrow and try to push it through as warranty. Next stop the Hospital. EMMC was pretty dead so we got right in. Mike had his eye looked at and it was just Traumatic Mydrosis. Apparently you can paraylze your iris if you hit your eye hard enough. Mike Gillis came to pick us up at 1:45 AM. We finally got back to Mike and Lynne's at 3 AM. What a fun night that was.

Friday found me hanging out at Mike and Lynne's. I drove Mike to the Optomologist to get his eye looked at some more. No Permanent Damage!

Saturday we went to the Blue Hill Fair. This is the fair that is featured in EB White's book Charolette's Web . We got home from there around 6PM and then met Mike and Tracy for dinner on their sailboat. We got home from there around 9:30 PM.

Sunday, I ran home to check on the cats and headed back to Bar Harbor for Birthday celebrations. Mike and Pete's birthday was Sept 5. So, we went to Miguel's and drank margaritas and had dinner. From there we went back to Pete's apartment for Cake, and then back out to the Lompoc. I am glad that Lynne drove us home.

Monday, Mike and I worked on cars.

Tues - today: Work as normal. No poker last night, a first in over a year. Tomorrow, Mike and Lynne, and I head off for the Saco River canoe trip. Will post more next week.

Over and Out!