Wednesday, April 30, 2003

It has been a week since the last post. Some days you just don't feel like typing anything.

We went home for the weekend. It was slow and bumpy, but the road is drying out. On Friday night, we watched the Ring and Swimfan before heading to bed.

We woke up late on Saturday. Angela worked out in the flower gardens all day, while I cleaned the basement out. We moved the canoe out and brought the snowmobile in. We had decided to go visiting across the brook on Saturday night. Instead of the 35 minute bumpy ride, we canoed across the brook. The water is up to the top of the bank on our side. We landed at Frank's camp directly across from us and visited with him for a bit. We then hiked the 5 minutes up to Tony and Katie's to visit with Tony and Galen. We canoed back around midnight.

Sunday was another late morning wake-up. It is good to sleep in your own bed! We did chores around the house and got ready to head back to town since they were calling for more rain. We watched the Tailor of Panama before we left. Angela and I got to her parents around 7:30PM on Sunday night.

Monday was a typical day at work as was Tuesday. 24 is getting as interesting as ever. Only 3 more hours left.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Back to work today...

Last Wednesday, we left for PA after work. We stopped in Bangor at 9 PM for a brief Acadia Distilling Company meeting. We continued our journey on to PA at 11 PM. We ended up stopping at 2 AM just inside the MA border. I slept until 5 AM and then we continued on. We arrived in Reading around 12 PM on Thursday.

Thursday night, my Dad took us out to dinner at Red Lobster. We all had lots to eat! After that we went to Best Buy, and he got us a DVD player as an anniversary gift. We ended up getting home around 10 PM and went straight to bed.

Friday, we got up pretty early. We took my brother Kyle with us for a day of shopping. We went everywhere. The Berkshire Mall, AC Moore, Reading China & Glass, Home Depot, Lowes, Pet stores... We dropped Kyle off around 4 PM and we went back to my grandparents house. We left for dinner at the Windsor Inn around 7 PM. Another spectacular meal at this place. Over 8 years of going to this resteraunt and I have never had a bad meal. I drank my first Yuenling Lager is 6 months and boy was that good.

Saturday morning we woke up by alarm clock. We were on the road to Baltimore by 9 AM. We got to Pete's Apartment by 11 AM. We ended up going to Annapolis for the day. It was sunny and in the 60's. NICE! We walked around the Naval Academy and the docks. Looked at alot of the historic buildings in the area. Jack and Trina met us there around 4 PM and we ate dinner. From there we went back to Pete's apartment to look at his slide show from Costa Rica. He is one awesome photographer.

On Sunday, Our 5th Anniversary, we got up and showered. We were meeting Adric at his church. We met George and Linda, Adric's parents, in the lobby. Adric is the music director of the Church of the Nativity in Timonium. The music was awesome. After chuch, we went out for lunch with Adric and his parents. We went back to Adric's apartment for some cake after lunch. We ended up leaving Baltimore around 5:30 PM. By 6:30 PM we were in Mechanicsburg, PA visiting with Jessi, Pat, and Paul. It is nice to catch up with friends. Jessi is looking great, all of her scars have healed up. She is walking without crutches and she is driving. We got to check out her apartment before going to a bar near there. We went to the Gingerbread Man and had a drink. We left there just after 10PM. We landed in backing in Reading at 11:05PM. Off to bed right away.

Monday, our last day in PA, we went shopping at some Amish Quilt and Antique places. Didn't buy anything, but drooled alot. We had dinner with my Mom and said our goodbyes. I went down to Dad's to say our farewells too. We watched Third Watch and then went to bed. 4 AM is coming early.

Tuesday... up at 4 AM. We got the car packed and were on the road by 5 AM. It was a dreary kind of day. The rain finally ended in Fredericton. We made it home at 7PM AST. Unpacked the car and watched 24. I guess Jack really did die. But as they say, " Jack is Back." Asleep by 10PM last night.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Wow, busy, busy, busy! Last week was pretty routine. Angela and I ended up going home on Friday night. The road actually wasn't to bad, I personally expected worse conditions. We watched Road to Perdition and went to bed shortly after that.

Saturday, April 12. My 32 birthday. I don't feel like I am getting any older. Angela and I did things around the house that day. She cooked me breakfast in bed. After that, I moved a couple loads of firewood in the house. Did some other cleaning, while Ang worked on a Computer Program for Jack in Baltimore. We had homemade pasta for dinner and Apple Crisp for birthday desert. We ended up watching One Hour Photo, Robin Williams plays another bad guy. No one was around on the Grub, so we spent another quiet night at home.

On Sunday, we got up and did more chores around the house. We got our bags packed to head back to town. Angela cooked steaks on the BBQ. The first time for this year. Mmmm, Mmmm, Good! We left for town around 5 PM.

Monday and Tuesday were the typically busy days at work with hardly any chance to breathe between calls. Last night was another good episode of 24. Things are getting interesting now.

Today... No car right now. Getting an oil change and some other minor stuff fixed before we leave for PA.

Monday, April 07, 2003

Well, we spent last Wednesday - Friday at the in-laws. Friday afternoon we left for Moncton, Angela had a Pampered Chef show down there. Saturday we didn't do to much, it started snowing around 3 PM and continued all night. We ended up watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding on Saturday night. Not to bad. Sunday, we got up and decided to try and get home to check on the cats. The road was completely frozen up again so we had no trouble getting in past the ruts.

Well, I went to the plastic surgeon this morning for the problem with my right thumb. It appears that I have torn my tendon the controls lateral movements. I now have to decide if I want surgery which means a cast for 6-8 weeks or just live with it. If I didn't have the pain when I move my thumb, I probably would just live with it. I guess I'll call them later today to schedule the surgery.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Well we made it home... The road was frozen again but will probably thaw out today. The ruts by our place are getting worse. We can actually see where the skid plates are hitting now. If the ruts get any deeper, we'll have to walk the last part of the road to get home.

24 was good last night. I have read that there will be another season of 24 next year. The cats are doing fine as of now.