Monday, April 17, 2006

Emily and I spent this past weekend in Portland... We left work around 3:30PM and headed south. We arrived in Portland around 6:30PM and got checked in to the hotel, The Inn at St John, after that we went next door to the Dogfish Cafe. It was an excellent meal and drinks. After dinner Em and I walked up to the Old Port district and back to the hotel... approx 4 miles round trip. It was a nice night.

We woke up late on Saturday and went out for breakfast to a fantastic little dinner on the waterfront called Becky's. The place was packed and we waited for a half an hour to get a seat at the counter. I highly recommend this place. After breakfast we ran some errands to the Art Supply store and then walked around the Old Port more. We met my friend Ian who works there and then walked around more. We ended up getting caught in a thunderstorm and got soaked. On the way back to the car we made reservations for dinner at an upscale resteraunt. Made our way back to the hotel to get showered and changed for dinner. Dinner qwas at a small palce called Cinque Terre. It was awesome, after dinner we walked around the Old Port more and then headed back to the hotel.

Sunday we got to sleep in late again... This time we went to Uncle Andy's Diner in South Portland. After breakfast we headed over to the Portland Head Lighthouse. See pics above. After that we started our trek home, but made a detour in to Freeport for some shopping and walking around. We ended up getting back to my place around 8 PM last night, watched some tv and went to bed around 11PM.

So here it is... Monday, back at work and ready to leave again.