Friday, June 20, 2003

What do they say...."Time flies when you are having fun."

Last weekend, the weekend of June 13th, I drove to Rhode Island to DJ my cousin Laura's wedding. I left from home on Thursday morning and drove to Bar Harbor. I got up and left Bar Harbor around 9:30AM. What should have been a 5 hour drive was closer to 9 hours with traffic in the Boston area. I met up with Grandpop, Mom & Bill at the motel. I decided to bring my DJ computer in the room and set up Laura's song lists. When I turned the computer on, it started to boot up only to freeze 10 seconds later. I was fuming. We all went out for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Back at the motel later, I found the pc had a virus and needed to be rebuilt. I was lucky enough to have all of the software with me. I finished that 2 hours later.

Saturday the 14th was dreary. We went to breakfast with Uncle Denny and then went sight seeing. We went to Judith Point and Beavertail Lighthouses. We made it back to the motel at 1PM and got ready for Laura's wedding. The wedding was nice and simple. The reception, which I DJ'd, was very relaxed. I mostly played dinner type music and Bob Marley later in the evening. After the reception was over, I went over to party at the Motel 6 for an hour before returning to the motel. Only one thought comes to mind... I've never seen my Uncle, the minister, tipsie before. It was a great night!

I got up on Sunday morning and headed back to Bar Harbor at 9:30AM. I was back in 5 hours.

On Monday, I went into the Bank and spoke to the HR person to advise her that I was living in Bar Harbor now. By the time I got back to Mike and Lynne's, Rick Bansley from the bank had called. I called him back and we scheduled a second interview.

On Tuesday morning, I went in for my second interview. Had even more fun than the first one. Rick took photocopies of my drivers license and insurance card. He also told me that they would not go this far if they weren't interested in the applicant and would I please call back on Thrusday to arrange a interview with the IT Department VP. Tuesday night we went to see Lynne's gymnastics class spring program that she taught. We left for Fredericton after that at 8:30PM.

We got home at 1:00AM AST on Wednesday morning. Angela and I got up around 8AM. It was Angela's day at the SPA. I dropped her off at 10:00AM and proceeded to do things around town. We ate dinner with Angela's parents that night.

So, here we are in Bar Harbor again. We drove back on Thursday morning. I called the bank at 1PM and left a message. Rick called back to see if I was available for this morning at 9AM. Hmmm, I was. I met with John Lewicki, the VP, this morning. The interview went well. Rick said they were verifing my references and doing a background check now. Again he said,"If we didn't want the applicant, we wouldn't be spending all of this money on him." I am just waiting to hear now... If I don't hear anything by Wednesday, I was told to call him back.

So, that pretty much sums up the last week. I hope to soon have canoe and wedding pics online soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Phew... another week of posts to come!

Thursday, June 5th. Drove to Bar Harbor late in the afternoon. It is good to see Angela when I have been away for a few days. On Friday the 6th, We went on a cruise to no where. Mike got us tickets through Friends of Acadia for this cruise on the CAT. So, Mike, Lynne, Angela and I went on this 3 hour cuise with free alcohol and food. It was awesome. On Saturday, we did stuff around the house. Sunday, Mike and I spent the day cleaning and all sorts of other fun stuff. I applied for 2 more jobs on Monday before I drove home.

So, yesterday and today I have been busy getting things done. I mowed around 4 acres of grass yesterday and today is laundry day. I am hoping to hear about the bank job this week. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Friday, May 30, Drove to Bar Harbor in the morning. Got there in time to pick Angela up from her job. Angela and I went out for supper to Antonelli's to celebrate her birthday. We then drove around the island and headed to Jack Russell's to meet up with Mike and Lynne. We had some drinks there and headed back to M&L's around 11PM.

On Saturday, we did alot of work around the yard. We planted the garden, mowed the grass, put the screens in, made ETOH, filtered ETOH and much more stuff.

Sunday, we relaxed. George and Kelly came over and we went to the Criterion Theatre to look at the space for our distillery. It is big, needs some cleaning up. All minor work. After that we went back to Mike and Lynne's and had a small party.

On Monday, I woke up and got ready to go to the College of the Atlantic. I applied for a temporary job there. After that, I got ready and headed back home. I got in around 5PM.

So far the week at home has been boring. Yesterday, I weeded Angela's flowers, fed my garlic plants with some manure, and did other things around the house. Home is just not the same without Angela.