Friday, February 22, 2008

Sad state of affairs


Note the numbers of oil pumped. Goes faster than any of the others.


Check out the world clock----Never seen anything like it. It is amazing

Click here: World Clock

Friday, February 08, 2008

Scallops, BANFF

So, its been a super busy since the last update. Scallop season started on December 1st, so we've been doing a lot of diving for scallops. So much so, that the local newspaper came out and did an article on us. You can see the article at under the news section.

Below are 2 pictures that didn't make the article.

Some facts about the 2 dives we did that day:

Dive 1
Air temp: 44 degrees F
Water temp: 36 degrees F
Maximum depth: 61 feet
Dive time: 17 Minutes
Scallops caught: 32

Dive 2
Air temp: 41 degrees F
Water temp: 34 degrees F
Maximum depth: 46Feet
Dive time: 21 Minutes
Scallops caught: 27

The season ends on April 15th... so many more weekends of diving to follow. With a recreational scallop license you can take up to 9lbs per day. My max for 1 day was 5 lbs.

This weekend is the big Banff Film Festival weekend in Bar Harbor. We have friends coming in from all over the east coast and Michigan. I can remember taking Fri and Monday off and getting here on Thursday night. Of course now that I live here, I work all day Friday and on Monday.... Damn that sucks!

Anyhow, I hope to have another update for you next week!