Monday, January 30, 2006

This is Emily and Me at Ames Cove. It was a windy day if you can't tell by my hair.

Ames Cove, Cape Rosier, ME

I spent Friday with Emily... her last day in town before she headed off for her 2 month furlow from the Park. Emily and I have been dating for 3 weeks now and I'd have to say it has been the best 3 weeks in my life or atleast in a long time.

I'll post another picture right after this post.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This was the sunrise last Thursday morning on my way to work. Time flies when you are having fun!

Work is busy and will be busy for another few weeks.

We finally got some snow... about 4" fell yesterday and they are calling for another 1 - 3"'s tonight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Well, well... 2006. This picture is from Rusty's Hard Time Hollow in VA on New Year's Day. I had a blast hanging out with the hiker trash that was there. Met some new people and hung out with old friends.

It would appear that 2006 is going to be an interesting year... Banff is in February and then I head to PA again for the INXS concert. It should be a great time. I'll get to see some family that I didn't get to see at Christmas time.

I all hope your 2006 celebrations were excellent and safe.