Monday, August 29, 2005

Time goes by so quickly. Last week was pretty much a blur. All of the problems we have been having at work are finally resolved. The cause? A problem with the APC software and a JAVA certificate it used. This software self destructed on July 27th and was not discovered until August 19th. It screwed up all of our computers causing up to 9 different issues.

On the after work front, we were out sailing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Wednesday was poker and I lost big time.

Friday found me down in Bar Harbor fixing a printer at FOA and correcting some network issues for FineLine Builders. After that, I went over to St. Saviour's Church to assist in dress rehersal for First Light: The Oratorio. This is a musical based on the book First Light, a coffee table book with pictures of Acadia and MDI.

Saturday morning I met Mike and Lynne at the pier at 9:30AM. We had special guest coming with us on this sail. Charlie Anderson, owner of, was in town and Mike invited him out for a sail. We returned to the pier around 3 PM. From there, we got ready and headed over to the church for the World Premier of the Oratorio. It was close to a full house. After the show, I crashed at Mike and Lynne's for the night.

I woke up around 10:15AM on Sunday. Mike and I got ready and headed back to the church to set up for the Sunday Matinee of the Oratorio. The music was better, but the slide show suffered due to the sun. I got home around 7:30PM last night and just vegged out.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Well another weekend here and another weekend gone! Friday night was another evening sail. We had Mike and Lynne, Monica, and 2 COA people on board. We sailed around the bay for a bit and then met up with Dave and Allison. We rafted up with them and John Sweet. We floated around for an hour or so and watched the moon rise. When we got back to the COA pier, we ended up having a cookout right there. I left there around 9 PM and headed out to pick up Kaya on the way home. I dog sat Kaya for Keith and Kelly on Friday night into Saturday afternoon.

I dropped Kaya off on the way to my DJ job. It was an excellent party with tons of people who like to dance. I played music from 4:30PM to 2:15 AM. I got home around 3 AM. Sleep was good but not plentiful.

Sunday found me up around 10AM. I got ready to come in to work for a while. I did my work thing and then called Mike to see if he was going out to the boat. He was! We met there around 1:30PM and just did work on the boat in the rain. I got home around 6PM and it was nice. That was the first evening I have been there in a long time.

Oh well... Back to work. More will follow soon.


Friday, August 19, 2005

What an incredible sunset last night. This was out sailing on Frenchman's Bay!

Another Friday is here. I hope you all have a good weekend. Tomorrow finds me DJ'ing a party and Sunday I will be sailing more.

Monday, August 15, 2005

So how was your weekend?

Mine, busy. Friday night after work, I met Mike at the boat and we went sailing on the bay. Our guests were two girls who are working in town for the summer. It was a relaxing sail with overcast skies. After we got back to the dock and got the boat put away on the mooring, I was asked to go out to the Lompoc with Andrew and crew. So were at the Lompoc and everybody starts showing up. George and Kelly, Julie, Mike Gillis, and the crew I was with. I stayed there for 2 hours and headed home when it started to rain. It was a long (50 minute) motorcycle ride home since it was raining. I did it as fast and as safely as the roads would allow.

Saturday found me up at 8 AM and out the door by 9 AM. I was down in Bar Harbor for the day helping out with the Friends of Acadia Benefit Gala and Auction. This is a huge auction and dinner fund raiser that FOA puts on each year. I think the total raised for this year will be more than last years $400,000 raised. You get to see the richest of the rich at this party. Martha Stewart didn't make it this year due to her extra 3 weeks of house arrest. I ended up getting home around 12:30AM that evening.

Sunday... the day of rest, NOT! I ended up coming into work for close to 6 hours to rebuild 3 PC's that were affected by a storm last week. It was not fun. After I left work, I went down to an ex-coworker's house for dinner. Another excellent meal!

Other than that... work is crazy for a Monday. I am meeting clients tonight for an upcoming DJ job on Aug. 20. Hopefully we'll get to go sailing tomorrow and Thursday nights. Wednesday night is Poker.

I'll be back.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Another week is gone. I have been working alot of hours over the last couple of weeks, trying to get our network setup correctly. It is almost done and then back to a normal schedule. Tuesday evening involved another sunset sail. Wednesday night was poker night were I ended up being the big winner with $21.00, Thursday night - work, and tonight... another sunset sail after riding the motorcycle to town.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 08, 2005

This is how I've been spending my summer. Sailing as much as possible. This is looking towards the Precipe in Acadia National Park.

Life and work have both been busy... Hopefully, I'll be able to update this thing more.